Hi, I'm Melanie!
As a designer and researcher, I believe that there is a unique opportunity to make meaningful progress tackling the most complex human problems at the intersection of design, technology, and people. I hope to make a lasting positive impact by translating human, organizational, and societal needs into more desirable systems and public services.

Design Philosophy
I am a designer who is passionate about creating experiences that engage, impact, and inspire. I'm a dreamer and a do-er, a natural empath, forever-learner, and kid-at-heart. I strive for a meaningful life's work that creates a lasting positive impact on the world.
Design has the unique opportunity to solve the greatest human challenges of the present and the future. The human-centered, multidisciplinary, and collaborative nature of design makes it capable of substantial positive impact on the human experience through products, services, and systems. I believe that my work is my life’s service, that my purpose is to utilize my talents, strengths, and passion to better the world, and the human experience, for everyone.

Intellection, Empathy, Individualization, Responsibility, Ideation


Reading. Writing. Climbing. Amateur Chef'ing. Gaming. 

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