Redesigned Performance Review Experience
A cross-functional effort to bring connection and communication to the forefront of the employee performance review experience.
At LPA Design Studios, I worked with a cross-functional team to develop the new Performance Review experience and platform application for the firm's 400+ employees. 
My original charge to create the UI of a digital performance review application expanded to include an experience design overhaul of the review's system, design, process, and facilitation. 
I conducted stakeholder interviews with employees at all levels across the firm to identify core issues and areas of opportunity, facilitated co-creation workshops, presented synthesized findings and designs to leadership, and designed the UI/UX of the resulting application in partnership with developers, HR, and firm leadership.

The Challenge:
How might we redesign the employee review experience, supported by the organization's relevant systems, processes, communication, and platform design?
Service Design
Product Design
Service Design Deliverables

System/Process Design
Platform Design​​​​​​​

Case Study Deck
Platform Application Design
Lessons Learned
Through this project I learned about the value of determining the true problem space, validating throughout the design process, advocating for end user needs, and taking the initiative to step outside of my determined role.
Next Steps
Build a larger platform to house individual reviews year-by-year, potentially including a timeline or dashboard.
Integration of strengths questions and employee profiles.
Implementation of checkpoint discussions throughout the year; build out of functionality on the platform.

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