AI + Learning
A conceptual learning management platform that imagines AI as a responsible and helpful tool that enriches the learning experience.
Recent advancements in AI’s ability to source information, generate ideas, and write based on style and content prompts have disrupted education. Seven to 10 years in the future, AI will be even more ubiquitous and powerful in its ability to automate gruntwork. 
This project speculates about the growing importance for students to develop critical thinking skills and a process-driven approach involved in completing assignments, rather than to spend time actually producing the output. 

The Challenge:
How might we create a learning management platform that responsibly integrates with AI to create a robust, yet semi-automated learning experience? 

UX/UI Designer, Visual Designer

February - March 2023

Interactive Prototype
UX Artifacts
Demo Video (Script & Story)
Strategy Artifacts

Project Overview
Concept Video
Design Process Deck
Research & Concepting
Desk Research & Concept Frameworks
Moodboards: Visual & UI Design
Revised Wireframes
Design & Prototyping
Design Iterations
Concept Video
Story Beats 
Revised Storyboard & Script
Final Design
Concept Video
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