LearnQuest Educational Game
Teaching children aged 5-7 required education skills, and life skills, in the context of an exciting adventure environment.
LEARNQuest is an inclusive educational video game that teaches core concepts in math, writing, reading, and science for kids age 5-7, in the context of an exciting adventure narrative. Within the narrative are interwoven life lessons about sustainability and environmental responsibility, and soft skills such as empathy, collaboration, communication, conflict resolution, confidence, and more.

The Challenge:
How can we design an inclusive game that instills key life lessons, in addition to required education skills, for the target age group?
Game Interface Design
Digital Illustration

Game Design
There are seven learning styles: spatial, auditory, linguistic, kinesthetic, mathematical, interpersonal, and intrapersonal. Currently, educational video games lack the nuances to support each of these different types of learners. In addition, games are typically designed for average learners, rather than taking into account the needs of students that may have learning or other disabilities.
Content of educational video games typically includes core concepts standardized for each age group, sometimes focusing on one subject or another.
Games typically follow linear level patterns and narrative styles, focusing on learned content rather than storyline, character development,  or exploration.

Concept & Game Design​​​​​​​
LEARNQuest takes place on a fictional island, and follows a rich narrative of the player’s journey to complete quests and reach the top of Knowledge Mountain. Along the way, players engage in a structured storyline with immersive lessons in math, reading, writing, and science to earn badges and skills. Players are also free to learn, explore, and interact with the environment around them in an unstructured “sandbox”-style experience.
Ideation & Sketches
Final Solution
Gameplay Panels
The gameplay panels each provide the learner with information and resources needed to navigate through the game.
The parent portal assists parents and guardians in supporting their young learner with data and resources.
Quests and Challenges
Learners interact with quest tasks in a variety of interactive ways, to support each unique child and his/her preferred learning style.
Levels and Subject Area
Each level has a subject area challenge that players can complete to earn badges and move to higher levels.
Educational Activity Worksheets
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