DraftKings Marketplace Education Hub
A centralized hub for users to learn foundational NFT marketplace knowledge, as well as access market updates, trends, tips, and tricks to make informed choices when buying and selling collectibles.
Users need relevant information about NFT Marketplaces in general, and specifically about how the DraftKings Marketplace operates, in order to make informed decisions when buying and selling NFTs. The current Learn page is outdated and only provides foundational knowledge about NFTs, which might be suitable for “green users,” but not for more experienced users who are looking for detailed, time-sensitive marketplace information 
An improved educational experience will increase user engagement by establishing a sense of competence, increase user loyalty to DK Marketplace by providing credible and relevant information, and decrease the amount of outsourced educational content.

The Challenge:
How might we increase user engagement in the NFT marketplace by establishing a sense of competence and confidence in the user to make informed decisions, leading to more buying/selling activity?
Product Design
Competitive Analysis
Visual Design

Web User Experience
Native App Experience
Competitive Research
Product Design Brief
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