Sym: Psoriasis Symptom Tracker
Reimagining the healthcare experience for those with psoriatic disease.
Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease affecting 8 million people in the United States. Sym is a mobile application that improves the healthcare experience for those suffering from psoriasis by providing them with an easy-to-use tool to record and track their symptoms, glean insights from aggregated data, share their symptoms and findings with their healthcare providers, and connect with a community of psoriasis patients.

The Challenge:
How can we improve the patient experience for those with psoriatic disease?
User Research & Journey Mapping
Visual & Graphic Design
User Interface Design
User Experience Design

Brand Identity
User Experience
User Interface
Analyze the Current Experience

Psoriasis symptoms and flare-ups appear as lesions on the skin caused by inflammation. They are cyclical and often unexplainable; their causes can be frustratingly elusive.

Psoriasis patients check in with their healthcare providers with varying frequency — sometimes every few weeks, or every 6 months — oftentimes with flares that occur between appointments.

Psoriasis patients can receive many types of treatment, such as medications like topical steroids and biologics, to naturopathic treatments and lifestyle changes. Some patients manage multiple treatments at the same time.
Concept and Functionality
Based on the pain points of psoriasis patients, the primary user group, several key elements of necessary functionality emerged for sym.
Visual Treatment
The branding and visual treatment for sym was developed to convey ease of use, friendliness, and modern, clean aesthetic.

The logo is built from the brand mark and logotype. The brand mark mark is representative of a psoriasis patch in transition from severe to clear. The logotype is set in a customized sans-serif typeface in all lowercase letterforms, to reflect friendliness and approachability. 

Color Palette
The sym color palette is composed of a bright, electric blue and complementary maroon and red. The colors are representative of the stages of psoriasis, from red and inflamed, to clear. Though complementary, the warm and cool colors provide a contrast in the palette for a diverse range of applications.

The font family designated for sym is Gotham, a geometric sans-serif well regarded for its legibility and diversity of styles and weights in each family. Gotham’s round letterforms exude a friendly tone, aligning with the goals of sym to be an approachable, easy-to-use application.
Final Solution
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